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Seasonal & Scenic

The days getting longer , the warming air
The start of the long winter repair
Bulbs releasing their green shoots
Springing from their buried Roots

A blanket of green spreading around
The birds singing there beautiful sound
The fields abound with new life of all kinds
The slight breeze and the bright sun shines

A feeling of joy, coming out of the dark
As Mother nature grows making her mark
A lighter feeling, and smile on the face
A longing of more and more to embrace

The March Winds and the April Showers
Swaying and feeding the beautiful Spring flowers
Life everywhere rising up all around
Birds Singing and flowers abound

The promise of summer on its way
The bells ringing at the beginning of May
The clock springs forward , the night are shorter
The flowing springs of fresh spring water

The stillness of the air , the fresh bite
Freezing temperatures during the night
Wrapped up warm to face the cold
The sun so low bright and bold

The crispy crunch under your feet
The stinging of the windy sleet
The landscape rolling , a sheet so white
A thousand words could not write
A bitter cold covering my face
As the snow falls like fragments of lace
The pavement decked like diamonds uncut
Shaped and Set my the chilled wind glut

Crystals hanging like drapes on the walls
The bright lights from the Christmas stalls
A warming mug for hot mulled wine
Warms the shivers down my spine

The slush, the wet, the bright car light
Pressing on in the wintery night
The coldness in the air catching your breath
Feeling only the warmth of warmed up death

How good it feels to be inside
All the comfort it can provide
Warmed by the fire , the lights on the tree
Get the kettle on ASAP

Copyright © Graeme Taylor 2013
16. Sep, 2014

As I walk through trees on this blustery day
A flatten track to lead the way
The golden leaves they slowly fall
From the trees that grow so tall

As the foliage rests on the forest bed
A carpet of colours as they spread
Kicking up the leaves, missing my stride
So beautiful for something that died

The naked Branches looking so sad
They seem to be crying at the loss that they had
Slowly swaying in the swirling breeze
Reaching out for their falling leaves

All the robust colours, the orange, the Scarlet
Covering the ground like a woven blanket
Could I see a more beautiful sight?
As it glistens in the autumn light

My mind is at peace, a smile on my face
As I settle down by the fireplace
It’s cosy and warm, restful and snug
My hands wrapped round a warming mug

I gaze out of the window, as the curtains are drawn

So dark now, so long until dawn
Sometimes it feels so good to feel okay
To know the beauty is there for another day

Copyright © Graeme Taylor 2013
7. Feb, 2017

The sun so high up in the sky
The warm currents where the Sea gulls fly
The flowing waves as they wet the sand
The dividing line between sea and land

The dune grass that flows like lace
The cold breeze upon my face
The soaring cliffs with wondrous shapes
The steepest parts that hang like drapes

The shining rocks with colourful pools
The paddling feet as the water cools
The crashing waves against the rocks
The crashing waves the seawall blocks

The promenade so wide and far
The lighthouse light like a distant star
The beauty of our wonderful coast
The things in life I love the most


The glittering light as it caresses the waves
A beautiful sight my eyesight craves
As the rising dawn, reddens the skies
A wondrous sight before my eyes

The clouds take on a different look
As the streaks of rays hit every nook
The pale pinks, the crimson red
How beautiful is this lovely spread

The clouds flow like a silken veil
So strong and yet they look so frail
The sun so red, on the horizon curve
As If resting, its energy to preserve

Then slowly rising into the sky
The redness then begins to die
The yellowish becomes more aware
As I raise my hand to beat the glare

The clouds now gone, a pure blue sky
The sun so bright and so very high
The shadows cast so long and slim
As the Sun descends, a sky so dim

A wondrous sunset to end the day
Like a classical end to a classic Ballet
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