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Off-payroll working rules (IR35) do not apply IF YOU CAN ANSWER THESE QUESTION AS THEY ARE SHOW

1. About you and the work

What do you want to find out? If the off-payroll working rules (IR35) apply to a contract
Who are you? Worker
What do you want to do? Check a determination
Have you already started working for this client? Yes

2. Worker’s duties
Will you be an ‘Office Holder’? No

3. Substitutes and helpers
Have you ever sent a substitute to do this work? No, it has not happened
Does your client have the right to reject a substitute? Yes
Have you paid another person to do a significant No
amount of this work?

4. Working arrangements
Does your client have the right to move you from the task you originally agreed to do? No, you would have to agree
Does your client have the right to decide how the work is done? No, you solely decide
Does your client have the right to decide your working hours? No, you solely decide

Does your client have the right to decide where you do the work? No, you solely decide

What you told us

5. Worker’s financial risk
Will you have to buy equipment before your client pays you? Yes
Will you have to fund any vehicle costs before your No client pays you?
Will you have to buy materials before your client No pays you?
Will you have to fund any other costs before your client pays you? Yes
How will you be paid for this work? daily rate
If the client was not happy with your work, would you have to put it right? Yes, you would fix it in your usual hours at your usual rate or fee

6. Worker’s involvement

Will your client provide you with paid-for corporate No benefits?
Will you have any management responsibilities for your client? Yes
how would you introduce yourself to your client’s consumers or suppliers? You are an independent worker acting on your client’s behalf
Does this contract stop you from doing similar work for other clients? No
Are you required to ask permission to work for No
other clients?
Are there any ownership rights relating to this No
Have you had a previous contract with this client? No
Is the current contract the first in a series of No
contracts agreed with this client?
Does the current contract allow for it to be extended? Yes
Will this work take up the majority of your available working time? Yes
Have you done any self-employed work of a similar nature for other clients in the last 12 months? Yes

The picture is a corridor in the old school. I remember the first day at Linskill, it was an all-boys school, there was the usual pastime happening in the school Yard. ‘The Boot Up’, the ball was booted into the air and everyone chased after it to be the next kicker, there was a lot of big lads there, us new boys looked tiny in comparison. There was also a scrambled to get the ball. I remember the double wooden desks you sat at with ink wells, learning to write long hand but only in the style that the teacher wanted you do, I remember blackboard dusters getting thrown at you if you were being troublesome, many a time I was dragged by my ear out of the line up in the corridor waiting for your teacher for the next lesson and then receiving an enormous slap across my lug. The cane was a good friend of mine I saw it more times then I wanted to , six of the best, the Head Master Mr. Hargreaves , who was a doddery old fool used to say ‘This will hurt me more than it will hurt you’. All the teachers had canes and they all used them, sometimes you would get a side of a Wooden Ruler across your knuckles. The Gym Teacher liked to use his plimsoll across your backside and then make you climb the robe six times. The Hundred lines punishment was the worst I thought, having to write. ‘I must no ………… ‘, over and over again. I remember missing lessons and going up to the Barbers shop with a few of the lads, the Barber had a Pinball machine and had no problem with us playing on it. We played all sorts of sport, football, basketball, cricket, Shinty - Scottish form of hockey played in the highlands, One of my favourites was game called ‘Pirates’, it was played in the Gym , mats and benches were placed randomly around the Gym , one persons started off as a chaser and he would have to tag you, after being tagged you became a chaser, all the time you were not allowed to touch the floor, if you did touch the floor you too became a chaser, so the amount of chaser grew and the chased became fewer and fewer , many a time I was the last one being chased it was a great game. The good old days.
i was asked at work What safety means to me , the Site Safety person said why don't you write a poem to highlight your thoughts , so i sat down and started writing , 12 minutes later i came up with this . Today the Head of HSE for Worley is visiting site , i was introduced as the man that wroite the poem that is now hang on the wall of our site cabins . He said this is actually what we are looking for .

PPE and common sense
Free for all to dispense
Looking out of hazardous stuff
Stopping before you have had enough
Being aware of the current surround
To go home safe and sound
Assessing your area working to RAMS
Keeping yourself out of Jams
Health is important watch what you inhale
Go and seek help if you are looking pale
Heed the warning, the sirens are live
Safe havens are there for you to survive
Remember you have a family to keep
Always remember life isn’t cheap
Do not do anything you know is not right
Follow the rules laid down by the Site
All these rules can be hard to swallow
Following them, no accidents will follow


Many years ago, I worked for a large engineering company. They won a large project in Singapore to build an Aromatic Plant. My job was to Schedule all the supply utilities from an existing plant. My Construction Manager was an Italian his name was Sandro, a bigger than live character who spoke good English with a very strong Italian accent. He was very good at his job, no one could pull the wool over his eyes as he knew the job inside out and all that was happening.
We employed about 15 different contractors to do the work and as usual with any new contractor coming onboard, we use to hold a ‘Kick Off Meeting’. This involved a representation of each discipline from each side discussing the requirements of the job and to inform the contractor of any scope changes etc.
After only being on the job for a few days I was invited to a Kick Off Meeting with one of the new contractors. Very discipline discussed their requirements, and all went well. Sandro summed up the meeting with (AOB) Any other Business. He thanked everyone for their participation and stated that there was now work for them that the contract contains, now you must imagine Sandro speaking in this strong Italian accent. it went something like,
‘Gentlemen we have a morea worka for you but thisa work is a Penis’,
Understandably I looked at him a bit shocked and then turned my eyes to another English colleague sitting across the table with a look of dismay.
We both laugh when we left the meeting.
Days later we had another Kick Off meeting with another contractor, the meeting when through the normal procedure and the AOB, yes Sandro repeated his sentence indicating some extra work
‘Gentlemen we havea morea worka for you but thisa work is a Penis’,
It took all my composure to prevent me bursting with laughter.
Weeks went by, Sandro had a long running battle with the Engineering Design office over the amount of Pipe Sleepers needed for the job (normally pre-cast concrete blocks set in the ground to support pipe). he always stated that we needed at least 1.5 times more Sleepers than the design office had designed for. He won his argument, he can running out of his office shouting my name. ‘Grames Grames come come‘, jestering me to come into his office .When I entered he had all the PIPE Sleeper drawings lay out of desks , ‘ cee I wasa right , they agree to mya quantities , this give us extra work but this work is a Penis’, . I burst out laughing , with a puzzled out on his face he spoke,’ why you laugh’ . I said the work you are looking for is ‘Peanuts’, again puzzled he said, ‘What is Penis?’, At this moment I clasped my hand around my privates, his mouth could not have opened anymore, he was in total shock.

Body found in Seaton Carew during search for missing Chris Wilson from Whitburn
A body found at the coast near Hartlepool has been identified as Chris Wilson who went missing from home last week

Missing Chris Wilson from Whitburn

The body of a man discovered at the coast has been identified as missing Chris Wilson.
Chris, 31, from Whitburn in Sunderland, has last been seen leaving his home on June 20.
He was reported missing two days later.
Northumbria Police had urged the public to look out for Chris as they had become concerned for his welfare.
On Wednesday, a man's body was discovered and Cleveland Police were called to The Front in Seaton Carew, near Hartlepool.
Formal identification has now taken place and it has been confirmed the body found is Chris.
Police do not believe the death is suspicious and a report will be made for the coroner.

I was driving to work when i was flagged down by a man walking his dog , i stopped and lowered my passenger window , he asked if i had a phone and would i call the police as there is a dead body on the Beach , I got out of the car to have a look over the sea wall , i could not see anything and the man stated that it was behind those rocks . I wasn't sure if i was getting set up and at any moment i would be mucked and my car stolen . Never the less i found myself ringing the police , i turned round to see the man walking away saying that he had to take his dog for a walk , which made me feel a bit more suspicious and starting to feel as if i was being taken for a fool . Anyway i got in touch with a helpful Police woman and told her the story and gave her a description of the man that had flagged me down . She asked if i saw the body to which i replied no , i started to feel a bit stupid and told her so , but she reassured me my saying that you could not let a thing like this go and that i had done the right thing. Sure enough they did find a body .
I am sure the police will be back in touch ( Time now is 7:40 am the next day on Thursday morning) I did get a phone call yesterday evening when i was sitting outside with my wife enjoying a drink at the Hartlepool Marina , but i ignore it , saying to the wife it was a London Number , her reply was 'It might have been Scotland Yard .
I have to say i am disappointed in Facebook . I used to have the freedom of sharing my posts , blogs from my website etc , Now Facebook have limited my sharing to groups that i am admin for , the posts were obviously enjoyed by many people the evidence is in the thousands that were reached . seems to me that they are annoyed that you are able to reach so many people without indulging in there boost your post campaigns . shame on you Facebook.
The legend of Saint George and the Dragon describes the saint taming and slaying a dragon that demanded human sacrifices; the saint thereby rescues the princess chosen as the next offering. The narrative is set in Cappadocia in the earliest sources of the 11th and 12th centuries, but transferred to Libya in the 13th-century Golden Legend.[1]
The narrative has pre-Christian origins (Jason and Medea, Perseus and Andromeda, Typhon, etc.),[1] and is recorded in various saints' lives prior to its attribution to St George specifically. It was particularly attributed to Saint Theodore Tiro in the 9th and 10th centuries, and was first transferred to Saint George in the 11th century. The earliest narrative record of Saint George slaying a dragon is found in a Georgian text of the 11th century.
The legend and iconography spread rapidly through the Byzantine cultural sphere in the 12th century. It reached Western Christian tradition still in the 12th century, via the crusades. The knights of the First Crusade believed that St George with his fellow soldier-saints Demetrius, Maurice and Theodore had fought alongside them at Antioch and Jerusalem. The legend was popularised in Western tradition in the 13th century based on its Latin versions in the Speculum Historiale and the Golden Legend. At first limited to the courtly setting of Chivalric romance, the legend was popularised in the 13th century and became a favourite literary and pictorial subject in the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance, and it has become an integral part of the Christian traditions relating to Saint George both in Eastern and Western tradition.
Central Line Ghost

I once worked in an Engineering Consulting office near St Paul’s Cathedral. I rented a flat in West Finchley. I took the Northern Line to Bank Underground than took the Central Line to St Paul’s to get to work every day. The routine never changed until London Underground changed the timetable slightly which meant the first tube I caught went down the west line of the Northern line after Camden town. This meant a change at Tottenham Court Road and then the Central Line to St Paul’s.
I got on the same carriage every morning, the carriage was never very full, the first three mornings that I got on the tube train there was a girl she was always sat in the same seat. I used to sit opposite her, either directly or just to one side, she always sat leaning forward her long hair almost covering her face, only the end of her nose was visible. I found myself looking at her very now and then, I seemed to be drawn to her, but this is quite common on the tube, there is a lot of staring and glances but no conversation.
On the fourth day I got up to get off the train as it was approaching St Paul’s, as I stood at the doors I glanced round to look at this girl just as the tube doors opened, her head had turned and was looking straight at me, there was no expression or movement on the ashen coloured face, I smiled, don’t ask me why, and then stepped off the train. I didn’t think a great deal of it at the time, but it was the last time I saw this girl, never again would she be sitting in that seat on the tube, as time went by I saw her image in my mind more and more. I am convinced I saw a ghost. I told this story to my Step-Daughter, she was fascinated, her take on the story is that this ghost just wanted some recognition, which I gave her.
I would not say that I am a believer, but this certainly has me thinking .
WHY can Millions be found without hesitation to rebuilt a Cathedral , yet millions go homeless and hungry
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