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My Novel is now Available in Paperback and Kindle

The idea to write a fictional, dark fantasy novel based on the historical Jack the Ripper murders is one that seemed to just pop into my head. After some thorough Internet research into the Ripper, the story developed into a detailed plot with unique and complex characters. I developed and dictated the story in my head while driving and travelling and was always desperate to get to my computer to type out my commuting thoughts and delve even further into the story. The end result of this is my debut novel, Time Has Past - In Pursuit of the Ripper which I am proud to say is now available for purchase in both paperback and e-book form from Amazon, and Smashwords.

The Synopsis

This book takes on the story Jack the Ripper story with an unusual twist. It involves a man who stumbles onto a Portal, a gateway to the past, how does he react to such a situation, and how involved will he let himself get. Would that involvement change History and distort the timeline. ?
Peter Haines had such a dilemma, he was a retired Army Sergeant; his life was uneventful until the day he fell into a world he could never have imagined. A world that became an obsession, He found himself in a grim Era of English History, a sordid past shrouded in murder and terrible atrocities, it was a world he could not dismiss. The year was 1888 in London’s Victorian Past. It was the time and place where the Ripper carried out his horrendous deeds. It led Peter into a series of circumstances beyond his control, circumstances impossible to imagine, it turned into a Nightmare.
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