About a year ago i got my CV reviewed and professionally written . I have now decide to convert back to my old CV with a few adjustments to the layout. Over the months i have looked at my new CV and changed wording in this Professionally written CV , because quite frankly most of it made me cringe when i read it . I recently sent off this professionally written CV to the firm that had revamped my old CV. This is their reply in brief At first glance, I can see you have broad skills and experience that may be attractive to an employer and may get you through an ATS system. Overall, however, your CV does not make me sit up, take notice and compel me to take action to invite you to interview. I am concerned that your CV could be lost amongst the many and not generate the level of interviews you should be getting. When i replied to this email and pointed out that it was there work , surprisingly I did not get a reply . my advise do your own CV in your own words, you can pick up loads of tips and layouts on the web for free .
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