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It may just be me but i am totally confused as to the way percentages are used these days , when i say percentages i am referring to 100% . In my younger days a 100% was the absolute, entirely , whole . Nothing was 200% or 300% .If i had 4 apples this represents the 100% of the apples i have , if a gained another 4 apples , i would have twice as many apples those 8 apples would represent the 100% of the apples i have not 200% of the apples i have . Twice as many as i did have , yes but still 100% for my present hoard of apples .

A 100% inspection is a process which requires the inspection of each individual unit or component received from a supplier to determine specification and quality compliance. you couldn't have a 150% inspection .

I would now expect all you "On Trend People" to "Reach out to me" and tell me i am wrong and that you can have +100% . No you cannot 100% is absolute