Initiative Q is an attempt by ex-PayPal guys to create a new payment system instead of credit cards that were designed in the 1950s. The system uses its own currency, the Q, and to get people to start using the system once it's ready they are allocating Qs for free to people that sign up now (the amount drops as more people join - so better to join early). Signing up is free and they only ask for your name and an email address. There's nothing to lose but if this payment system becomes a world leading payment method your Qs can be worth a lot. If you missed getting bitcoin seven years ago, you wouldn't want to miss this.

Here is my invite link:

This link will stop working once I’m out of invites. Let me know after you registered, because I need to verify you on my end.
Having a accent from the North East can be a disadvantage at times .
Today i was standing at the Checkout at Aldi's in Hessle , Hull . I had 20 bottles of beer on the belt , the woman behind me was admiring my Hoard, i jokingly said 'I'm staying in tonight' she replied 'oh thank you very much and moved ahead of me in the checkout queue ....??????

My Novel
I think, like a lot of people, I always thought that I would love to write a novel. It eventually happened, although I did wait until I was in my fifties to make it happen. I don't know where I got the idea from to write a Fictional Story based on Historic events, it just seemed to pop into my head. It took a little bit of research but that wasn't a problem as you might expect the World Wide Web is full of information about the Ripper. The story grew as I got more into the plot, I used to dictate the story in my head when driving or travelling on public transport. The funniest thing was that I actually thought the ending two thirds into writing the novel and had the final chapter written early. I was always desperate to get to a PC and type in my commuting thoughts, it led to a lot of Proofreading and a great many punctuation errors, but I did not mind this one bit as long as I got my thoughts down on paper or in this case my PC Word Document
I suppose the inspiration to write my novel came from the publication of my poetry book, after years of writing the odd poem here and there and losing some in the process, I decided to self-publish. It was a great feeling seeing my poetry book on the Amazon Website. The feeling grew when the novel appeared about 20 months later. I cannot express enough my gratitude for all the help I have received in the publishing of my book from my publisher, from the very first consultation to the finished article the team have constantly kept me up to date on the progress and have been extremely helpful and quick to respond to my many questions with a very professional and friendly approach.

My Poetry Book
This book sums up me up I think , it has lots of humorous poems .Lots of poems have been developed from jokes that I knew back in my young days. There are views on Life in the present day and from the past, Romantic ones wrote from the heart. I write when I’m inspired, sadly I have misplaced quite a few of the poems that I have written over the years and although I have tried to recreate some again they never seem to have the same feeling. The book is there to be enjoyed, easy reading and a few laughs

About Me
I grew up in a working class family. I went down to the shipyards as a young 16 year old to serve my time as a Marine Fitter. After 15 years, including my apprenticeship, I moved into the Shipbuilding offices and trained as a Planning Engineer. After three years doing this job I made my way into the big wide world and became a travelling Contractor. I worked in many places in the UK, Europe and the Far East. I am currently still working as a Planning Engineer thirty three years later. I have a wonderful wife who cares for me and three lovely daughters. I am a proud Granddad with five grandchildren who wrap me around their fingers.

AN AUTHOR and poet from Habrough has planned to release his third book.
Graeme Taylor of Station Road, Habrough, said he was once told he wouldn't amount to anything, but added: "I'm not doing bad am I?"

The writer said: "I have a wonderful family, a good job and I am writing my third book."
His poetry book, My Poetry: What I Wrote, features a large selection of poems that reflect his personality, his family life and his sense of humour.

His poems are a mixture of romance, cheeky humour and emotion surrounding momentous moments in his life.
Writing the poetry book spurred him on to write a thriller called Time Has Past: In Pursuit Of The Ripper.
"I have been writing poems all my life on and off. I have a range of serious poems and fun poems, including rude ones. I had always fancied writing a book so decided to do so. I'd been watching Whitechapel which gave me inspiration to put a twist on the Ripper murders. It took me a while to get going with the idea but then it just flowed. I found writing my first novel really enjoyable," he explained.

Graeme, 61, who is originally from Newcastle, wrote his first novel in 2012. He has seen his book sold on various online retail sites.

He added: "It's a very interesting concept on the Ripper murders. The main character is a retired Army Sergeant who led a quiet life. He then finds himself in a dark era of English history where the Ripper has carried out his murders.

Both his poetry book and novel have received positive reviews which was pushed him into writing a sequel.
"It wasn't stressful writing the book at all. In fact, I was quite upset when I'd finished writing it," he said. "I was very proud of myself because it was something I had always wanted to do and that's another reason why I've decided to write a sequel."Copy link to paste in your message

Graeme has been asked to donate his poems to poetry collections from other poem enthusiasts. His poems have featured in poetry books all over the world. He said: "There's such a mixture there. My poems are inspired by different things that happen in my life – including my grandchildren. Whereas my book was inspired by a TV programme.

"I often think about writing a play but that takes a lot of time. It's something to think about and have in the pipeline though."

Graeme has a website, which like his literature, has a variety of content on board.

His website houses a range of information about himself, his family and other quirky add-on such as 'my thoughts'.
He has extracts from his books, a blog and subject poetry about his granddaughter and funny poetry. I want to engage with people and I want them to see what I am like and where my ideas comes from," he said.
"I am a family man with an odd sense of humour and I enjoy writing. Both poetry and thrillers. Although I was never really interested in writing or English at school, my ideas have seem to come out pen to paper.
"I am proud of my achievements, I am proud of my life and I am so proud of my family and the fact I can include them in my passion makes it even more enjoyable."

So if you're into thrillers or poetry or fancy reading a new book with an impending sequel over the festive period, or if you would like to know more about Graeme and his books, please visit his website: where you will be able to purchase his books and keep up-to-date with any developments and offers.
He has various offers available for customers.

My Poetry: What I Wrote is available to buy on Amazon for £5.99 and Time Has Past for £6.99.

About a year ago i got my CV reviewed and professionally written . I have now decide to convert back to my old CV with a few adjustments to the layout. Over the months i have looked at my new CV and changed wording in this Professionally written CV , because quite frankly most of it made me cringe when i read it . I recently sent off this professionally written CV to the firm that had revamped my old CV. This is their reply in brief At first glance, I can see you have broad skills and experience that may be attractive to an employer and may get you through an ATS system. Overall, however, your CV does not make me sit up, take notice and compel me to take action to invite you to interview. I am concerned that your CV could be lost amongst the many and not generate the level of interviews you should be getting. When i replied to this email and pointed out that it was there work , surprisingly I did not get a reply . my advise do your own CV in your own words, you can pick up loads of tips and layouts on the web for free .

This is a thing that has puzzled me and i am sure it has puzzled a lot of people out there to . this is a fine example , recently i paid £34.95 to Tom Tom to upgrade the maps on my Sat Nav . After lots of tries to download load this upgrade to my Sat Nav and numerous contacts with Tom Tom , i gave up and asked for my money back . Give Tom Tom their due they said they would reimburse me , here is the catch and i quote.
'Please note that it can take approximately 1 week until you have received your money back on your account. Please be aware that in exceptional cases it can take up to 5 weeks.'
Yes up to 5 weeks, even a week is bad enough, when i purchased the Upgrade i checked my Bank account not more than ten minutes later , surprise , surprise the money had been taken .We as consumers should surely be able to do the same, and advise the company we are purchasing from that the payment could take a week or up to 5 weeks to be received. What right have they to keep my money and how is it in this day of push the button technology does it take so long to reimburse ..
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