Graytoon Thoughts of the day

My Thoughts

Learning to cope is learning to live , Learning to live is learning to cope
When it's a home delivery , why am i always the last drop of the Day?
People learn their whole lives , only the young know it all
The Problem with Friday is that it is to near to Monday , the problem with Monday is that you only have Friday to look forward to
I am only smoking Cigarettes after a meal now , I am down to twenty meals a day
you don't need more sleep when you get older , you just need to do it earlier
They Say Gin makes you depressed , it is true , I always feel depressed when the bottle is empty
In the week of life i think i'm at Friday , trouble is i'm not sure what day the week started
There are only two things missing from my life , Youth and Retirement .
They say that Age is all in the mind . Try telling my body that
Youth comes to early . Hindsight comes to late
I have a great memory , i've just forgot what I was going to say
I feel better than yesterday , but hopefully not as good as tomorrow
The Wife Didn't know that i drank until i came home sober one night
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