nufc | Graytoon


A Newcastle Fan, Black and white eyes
A Stadium to be proud of, no one denies
Standing by through times more thin than thick
I will be with the Toon, with them I will stick
I will moan and groan more times than not
But the loyalty is there, never forgot
No one understands more than us
Part of the Toon army a positive plus
It times of stress, the team needs us most
The best fans in the world, a Geordie Toast
Managers and owners will come and go
The Fans will be there for the match day show
I Don’t really care what other Fans think
We’ll always be there to bring them back from the brink

Oh dear me what have I done
I’ve burnt one side lying in the Sun
Let’s hope tomorrow is a sunny day
So on my other side I can lay

What will they think when I go to the game
If both my sides are not the same
What makes it worse being a Toon Fan?
I’ll be kicked to f**k for my red and white tan
Match Day

What a feeling it is to wake up this day
To go to the match the football to play
The moment you get there , the wonderful toon
The knowing you’ll be watching your favourite team soon

The place is alight and buzzing all round
Chanting in the pubs , what a wonderful sound
The place is a sea of black and white stripe
There cannot be a feeling much better in life

Lads meeting mates for a bottle of broon
Hoping by five , they’ll be over the moon
Everyone hoping the toon will make their mark
At that wonderful stadium we call Saint James’s Park

It stands proud on the hill . the city below
And awesome sight to the footballing foe
The Geordies so proud on the way to the Ground
hoping to be as proud later , as their go homeward bound

the gateways are filling the turnstiles revolved
as fans debate football , picking the first team resolved
as you go through the tunnel on the way to your seat
your heart pumps much faster with the noise that you meet

the atmosphere is deafing , a wondrous site
with the Geordie fan chanting with all of their might
the stadium is tremendous the stands to the sky soared
the first timers just stand there eyes wide and dropped jawed

As the kick off approaches the anticipation is high
Even in the town centre you can here the cry
Then through the tunnel they come to the roar
It gets louder and louder until your ears can’t stand it no more

Kick off has started its not going well
The away team from Boro are having a good spell
The crowd gets anxious and urges the team on
With chants the old favourites like the Blaydon Race song

As half time approaches , we are now in control
The toon army attacking the team on a roll
Despite all the pressure it’s a draw at half way
Its back for a beer and contemplate our play
More beer swallowed and bladders relieved
Back to the stands and your seat retrieved
Just in time as the second half starts
The beer and pies causing post kick off farts

the games gets scrappy as the smoggies defend deep
they are just running around like little lost sheep
as Newcastle push them as hard as they can
the cries of frustration from every Toon fan

the clock ticks away and no score as yet
the shaking of my head as I look at my Bet
2 minutes extra and no score to report
the toon keep on pressing the single goal sort

a corner is gained in the closing minute
the atmosphere rises as still might even win it
the ball is lobbed high the goal mouth comes nearer
and there is the man yes a goal by that Shearer

the crowd goes wild as it jumps for joy
embarrassment saved by the golden boy
the whistle blows and a standing ovation
we all still wish he was playing for the footballing Nation

with a smile on the face , and warmth in the heart
we are off to the pub for the evening session start
with discussions and opinions on the way that we won
the wonderful toon army , its why we all come

The Pre-Season Friendlies, The Pre-seasons test
To stand and play against some of the best
The first game was close, nothing between
Each side playing their very best team

Although it was close Iceland came out on top
Well at least they played well, and it wasn’t a flop
The Makem manager was caught by the press
‘it was very close game, now I need to assess’

‘we need to play even better, is all I can say’
‘As we still have Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s to play‘,
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