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Poems of Love



I watch her face in the moonlight beam
Her beauty portrayed beyond extreme
Her little stir as I kiss her cheek
With loving care, gentle and meek

I move a little closer,. I smiled and sighed
Looking at this beauty I’m laid beside
My eyes grow tired and I rest my head
As I snuggle down in the warm soft bed

Stirring groans and arms out wide
As I awake to see she’s at my side
I wrap my arms around her waist
She replies as we both embrace

My hand moves softly against her cheek
Our lips together, no need to speak
I lie there looking into her eyes
The angel missing from the skies

Copyright © Graeme Taylor 2013

9. Jan, 2015

Where would I find a smile like this
Her loving warmth and loving kiss

Where would I find a smile like this
My every need my heavenly bliss

Where would I find a smile like this
Her presents i would surely miss

Where would I find a smile like this
Nowhere else, as nothing else exists

Where would I find a smile like this
There are no doubts , no others to dismiss

Where would I find someone like you
The things that you can get me through

Where would I find someone like you
We stick together like superglue

Where would I find someone like you
To find someone with love so true

Where would I find someone like you
The best person that I ever knew

Where would I find someone like you
We go together like conditioner and shampoo

Where would I find such a wonderful wife
I couldn’t even if I searched all my life

Copyright © Graeme Taylor 2013
In the moment they mentioned IVF
Ingredients mixed like an A La Carte Chef
The test the appointments, the travel to do
All to create a very special menu

The pain of injections, the stress for him
All to do before the conception prelim
A long hard struggle, heart on her sleeve
The trials and test just to conceive

As the months went by and the issue grew
Girl or a boy nobody knew
The tension rose as the time grew near
As she sat behind this massive sphere

When will it be, as the texts they came?
When would it be an event to Proclaim?
In the late morn of that Special Day
They pronounce the miracle was on its way

The arrival of this precious pearl
The joy to see this beautiful girl
I was allowed to hold, my heart stood still
A lump in my throat, eyes starting to fill

A father so proud “ best thing to happen to me”
The look in his eyes for the world to see
The mother so calm a gleam in her eye
A prize in life money cannot buy

As they leave the ward , out through the door
With this gift from heaven for all to adore

Copyright © Graeme Taylor 2013

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Throughout the years thick or thin
It’s always been me and Win
We fought big Armies, battles won
And still managed to sneak in some fun
We have seen many places and saw some sights
And rose to some very high heights
We have comforted each other in times of need
Given strength to each other never to concede
Side by side we stand together today
It will be nothing else, but here we stay
Wives as they go she is the best
I don’t need to be told I’m truly blessed

Where Ever We Are
Whatever we do
there will always be
Me & You
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